Introducing the exceptionally odd children . . .

Once upon a time there were young children living all alone in a house in the woods.  It must be explained that the three children were unusually odd in both looks and demeanor and one had to wonder if they were hatched, born by some freakishness of nature, or more probably, created in some remotely buried laboratory by a mad, albeit creative, scientist who wisely abandoned them shortly after their initial existence.  They lived alone in a remote area of Crone’s Corners even though none of the three were witches or were capable of magic in any way.

The young lad was Fergis by name and he was the same sickly green colour and texture as a dumpy tree frog that had seen too many years in the pond.  His face was round and his large bulging eyes were almost at the sides of his head, making his acquaintances wonder how he saw them at all.  His teeth were set wide apart rather like a Halloween jack-o’-lantern, all encased in a perpetually open mouth as if he were hoping to catch flies as he walked.  The top of his head was devoid of a single hair but sported instead a single twisted horn atop that pale chrome dome.  His belly was as rotund as a barrel so he could roll if he tired of walking; as he was particularly lazy, this was quite a handy characteristic for his creator to have given him.

Veronica was the first girl child of the group and slightly more normal if one exaggerated a bit.  She was pale of face and tragically thin so that she appeared to be ready to succumb for lack of life-giving blood.  Her hair was short, sparse, and black while full of static and generally uncontrollable, making her appear as though she’d just stuck her finger in a light socket.  Her body was striped rather like a zebra’s and might have been painted that way by some bored factory worker who wanted some variety in his routine.  Veronica’s eyes resembled peach pits and were spaced in a similar manner as her companion’s but slightly closer together with the dark pupils slightly crossed.  Strangely, she had a tattoo on her cheek that prayed, “God save the Queen,” and from her ears dangled earrings that were actually cracked doll faces that bobbed creepily as she walked.

Their other friend, Virgilia, on the other hand, appeared on the surface to be quite a normal and rather attractive young lady with long wavy blonde hair and her eyes were big and blue as the ocean.  Her nose was perky and her pursed little mouth was as sweet as a tiny rosebud.  After spending time with Virgilia, however, the viewer understood there was nothing inside as if the only part of her brain functioning was the autonomic nervous system that was keeping her breathing, blinking, and standing upright.  The other two children led her around with a tiny chain attached to a studded dog collar; otherwise she would stay rooted to the spot where she stood.

Tomorrow: Part two of the exceptionally odd children.


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