The home in whi…

The home in which the children lived was as peculiar as they were for the ceiling was an intricately spun spider web under a round thatched roof.  The floor was copper and put together strangely like a patchwork quilt, having some parts in tin punch and others like tiles of varying sizes and shapes randomly placed so that one’s eye never quite knew where to look.  In addition the floor was covered with a light dusting of all colours of glitter for the children delighted in attempting creative art projects that possibly only they could appreciate. The walls in the round little building were all orange and black and what toys they had were all uniquely created from pumpkins, including a few dolls, gourd-like noisemakers on a stick, and a small tumbrel cart filled with a variety of pumpkins for carving, or smashing as the occasion might warrant.

On the walls hung pumpkin seed pictures and the tall skinny windows had curtains that were now faded, frayed, and mostly tattered that billowed when the wind blew through the cracks of the old and creepy place. The young ones did not seem to mind or perhaps they never noticed.  On one wall there was an aged wooden table covered with jars of tempera paint and brushes and today Veronica was attempting to mix various colours together to produce the perfect shade of puce so she could embellish the walls with unusual polka dots for, as she proclaimed, “I love the way they make me feel — all happy inside!”

Virgilia simply stood there mute, watching her companion yet she made no move to join her in the latest creative endeavor.  Fergis was too busy making faces at his reflection in the window to notice either one of them.


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