Creating tokens

If you’ve visited my ‘Imaginings’ section and read about my characters from my fantasy novel, you will know that both the young wizard, Griffon, and his gypsy cousin, Nuri, have created tokens from combining two very different animals into one guardian to watch over them.  Nuri selected a nightwinged bat and a spiny hedgehog to create a bahog that she dubbed Mistress Macabre.  Typical of boys, Griffon selected a very green and warty frog and a little white dragon and ended up with a draog that suffered with hot bursts of hiccups. The little white dragon (who isn’t a very reliable token at best) was named Vixen. After creating these characters and their protectors, I wondered what my guardian would be had I been offered the same opportunity.

There are many creatures in the natural world to consider for I have several favourites such as butterflies, dragonflies, walking sticks, lady bugs, falcons, dogs, and the ‘bee’ which is the meaning of my name.  My year sign is the dragon and, like Griffon, I absolutely identify with the fierce yet protective creature that breathes fire and can leap tall buildings while being capable of powerful magic and mind reading. So, my first and most important selection is the earth dragon.  It should be scaly green with the underside dark brown just like nature colours.

Mulling over the remaining favourites, I believe that I have two dogs on this plane, so I would not need any dogs in Fantasy Land.  I also do not believe that a walking stick would make a good token even if it does make for interesting entertainment while shifting from one beautiful colour to another.  Falcons are inspiring yet powerful as well, but something about their ripping flesh doesn’t appeal to me as something I want as a token unless I am facing the devil himself so I will aim for something more practical.  It is sad to say, but I ‘bumble’ enough as it is so now I am down to lady bugs, butterflies, and dragonflies.

While any of these three would be worthy as my second defender, I find I am faced with a rather odd dilemma . . . what would the token be?  A dragon plus a dragonfly is still a dragonfly, is it not?  A butterfly combined with a dragon would be a buttdrag or a dragbutt which is hardly the creature I want to guard over me as a protector.  So, I come to the conclusion that my guardian should be a polka dotted Lady buragon named Mistress Grendor who is fiercely loyal to family and who attacks anyone or anything that threatens me or makes me angry.

So there you have it.  Now Griffon, Marilla, and I all have our tokens at our sides.  Who is your guardian?  Try this fun exercise today and allow your new creation to fight all your battles for you . . . in Fantasy Land anyway.  Oh, and don’t forget to tell us about the result as we’d love to hear all about those new creatures–  unheard of until now.  However, as the children’s tutor, Master Morpheo cautions, “Choose wisely,” for you may need to rely on your token to rescue you one day in the future.

The End


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