Cowards All

Soliloquy by Griffon Naughctguardian:

“You let them take EVERYTHING from you and you bow and scrape, saying, ‘thank you for the crumbs from your table, kind leaders,’ an act which makes you their slave.  Rather than live a serf, you could shuffle off those chains, have faith in yourselves, and live free.  Ahh, but there’s the burr — you are cowards, are you not?  You expect them to do the right thing as you wait patiently for a miracle and you continue to pray to a God who is angry with you and will not listen.  I ask you truly, why would any miracle happen?  The leaders know you are both spineless and lazy . . . they know you will do nothing lest you lose what crumbs you get and yet you beg for more scraps and more.  Indeed, they laugh at you while they steal your money and give you pennies in return, calling it largesse and you saying, “See, they care for us.”  What sort of life is that I ask you?  Bah!  Cowards, cowards all!  You do not deserve to be free and therefore, freedom will evaporate like the morning mist into nothingness and those who took your freedom away (with your permission, I might add) will take and take and take until you are of no value to them at all then they will take the last thing you have, your life, and you will have learned nothing.  You have been nothing.  You were erased, of no value to anyone.  What a legacy.  You must be proud.”

The End


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