Getting ready for Halloween

Okay, so in my little corner of the universe, I hoped fervently that Halloween was fast approaching.  Nevermind that this was July in Texas . . . one can never be too prepared when it comes to the most fun celebration of the year (with Easter a close second).  Time to begin thinking about that costume and working on that haunted house.  Oh! And don’t forget to take inventory to see what you need to add to the orange lights, ‘Beware’ signs, and pumpkins from white to terra cotta.

I decided to inspect the trees outside my door first, searching for some small hint of orange or red, the first indicator that fall is on its way.  Sigh . . . there are only dry, green leaves kept alive merely by underground irrigation.  I noticed the squirrels, who are also preparing for another season when they get to stuff themselves silly in that tree where they burrow . . . or, more likely, in my garage.  I ignored their cute but truly annoying little selves and went back inside.

Turning to my computer to search the Internet for vintage Halloween goodies, I tried Etsy first.  There I found an interesting gourd carved with Jack Skellington and another carved with a haunted house.  Very cute.  Desireable even.  OMG, forty dollars?.  Good luck with that, lady.  Maybe I should start growing my own with my not-so-green thumb in the middle of 95 degree weather.  Mmmm, no, I think not.  Lessee, maybe Ebay is a better idea.  I scanned different catagories, all of which say ‘antique’ or vintage, none of which are anything but new.  I began to wonder why we send people to school anymore as none of them understand what words mean.  Pathetic.  I hit that power switch in utter frustration.

So, back to bored summer reality.  Maybe I could go dress the dogs in pizza hats ala Chef Jacque and a haggis one for Hamish.  Umm, maybe not.  Sigh.  Guess I’ll go manage my antique mall where I am currently not making a dime and haven’t for nine months now.  Okay, so maybe I’ll call it fantasy land and see where that takes me.  Hope you join me there as well. Tallyho!


2 Responses to “Getting ready for Halloween”

  1. How can you even think about Halloween when we have approx. 3 more hot and grueling months in Texas to get through?…….we will all be burned to the crisp little ghosties by the end of October.
    I am enjoying the blog……….the village has a sense of Tom Clark about it! ……….just saying;-)

  2. I don’t care if it’s a million degrees out – I’ve started my Halloween countdown, dang it!

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