Yippee, August

I always get excited when August arrives because it means that the worst of summer is over and fall is approaching.  I’m sure that depresses some sun loving people, but for one who loves the crisp air, the smell of burning leaves (not caused by forest fires), and fog lingering in the early morning as the sun comes up, it gives me a heightened sense of anticipation that is the best of all feelings.  I think of fall as a present, better than all the others, that I receive every single year.  It doesn’t even need a bow or wrapping paper to make me smile.

In the fall I can pretend I am again living in my beloved England where I can visit Sherwood Forest one weekend, peer over the chalk cliffs of Dover with windmills waving their ambitious sails behind me the following weekend, and tour a dark and eerie dungeon yet another time.  And, let us not forget, the faeries and other wee folk hiding under the flowers growing in the garden of number 4 Lower Road, Fetcham where my heart still remains.  I miss Ros, the Italian lady next door who was married to an Irishman and their lovely children who had to see what a waterbed was when they saw us hoisting a hose up the second story after the furniture arrived.  I miss the friendly Brits who were always helpful and delightfully entertaining with their practical jokes and sharp wits.

Ah, the memories . . . yet here I sit, in America and worse, in Texas in the summer without an air conditioner and not earning a dime from writing (or from much else these days, even though all I seem to do is work).  Sigh.  Guess I will go visit the photo albums, touch the memories, and pray for what Scarlet O’Hara says tomorrow will be.


2 Responses to “Yippee, August”

  1. No air conditioning? In Texas? I would be dreaming of England also 😉

  2. Mary Setzler…

    […]Yippee, August « grubbycupthelesser[…]…

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