Fog Blog

Okay, so July was one of the worst months of my long life and while August started out better, the powers that be are determined to make their lives better and mine worse so not much has really changed.  Therefore, in self-defense, I must turn to magic and fantasy, wishing all the while that I could be a real witch and make banks and government regulators all disappear into Hell itself where they so rightly belong.  Or, failing that, I might find some philanthropist who wants to throw some money my way (all without the government finding out, of course, because if they knew, they would simply take that too).  But you don’t care about that, so let’s go somewhere else instead . . .

There are exactly forty-two sunrises before the autumnal equinox in this year of our Lord 2012.  Each day that ensues will be incrementally shorter and the temperatures cooler and the air itself will take on a slightly different scent than the one we know of summer.  The bugs and flowers will change as well.  Fewer crickets and mosquitos and more locusts (gross) and the possibility of rain increases as we enter what is commonly referred to as hurricane season.  Fortunately, I love fall rain.  It is cooler and usually not as violent as spring or summer rains and it lasts longer.  In the fall, there are days of rain where the sky is grey and the drops are soothing and steady, like a balm for the soul.

Soon, the leaves on some of  the trees will change from bright green to oranges and reds and yellows as nature dons her most flamboyant coat of the year.  I like to think of autumn as the season of the woman for in the fall she can be outrageous with colour or mysterious with fog or dark and brooding in the cold, crisp night.

There remain only three full moons before Halloween so we will watch what is now a tiny little white sliver in the sky wax and wane until our Harvest Moon is full upon us.  Our mood will change and we will want to become more active, going to football games or going shopping or simply raking leaves.  Being outside is no longer a chore, but something to be savoured, along with the soul food we begin to prepare.

Our thoughts will turn from planting plumbagos and moss roses to gathering pussy willows and pumpkins, great crysanthamums, and bales of hay.  Scarecrows and goblins and all things ghoulie and ghosty will begin to appear in stores in anticipation of the second largest season of the year, only surpassed by Christmas.

And I?  I will go in search of a big black cat, a cauldron, and a spell book then see if I can’t find a few curses to send government and banks into the Black Void.  Ah, life then will be good.  I smile just thinking about it.

The End


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