Introducing characters from QuillenLand

Meet the new cast of characters from Book II, QuillenLand, as the story of the boy wizard Griffon continues.  The story opens in the accidently discoved QuillenLand which has been nearly destroyed by a natural disaster.  Next the story continues to Crone’s Corners where the boys learn of the other catastrophies involving their world and no one understands why these wicked events are all happening.

My young wizards are now twelve years old and learning advanced magic skills such as casting wynd and weaving complex spells. Nuri has found her talent lies in healing and herbal remedies like her mother.  Meanwhile Griffon and his new friend try to find a solution to all the ills in their lands with the help of Zolonev and Griffon’s father.

Our new cast of characters:

Serro Zolonev — Wizard who owns Zolonev’s Antiquities, a magical place full of ancient treasures.  Serro assumes the leadership of the OmniCircle in a very non-traditional manner during a series of disasters in the magic communities.  Although he cares very much for the wizard community, he cares more for power and wealth and will do almost anything to obtain both.

Boneblade — Owns the broom shoppe in Crone’s Corners.  Rudely given the nickname Chaff by Zolonev who thinks the tradesman too old and not very bright.  Suffers from a lung disease caused by breathing the straw while plying his craft.

Spellbinder — The wand maker of Crone’s Corners.  Has the sight like Griffon and does not like what he sees in the future.

Wynter Wyckwood — The much loved witch-owner of the Herb Shoppe on the High Street.  She is beautiful and helpful and Griffon has a crush on her.

Piet Muldoor — Artist of the Zoroastran Community who visits Mage’s Tavern.  Harbinger of bad news.

Aidan — aka Little fiery one — Orphaned boy of QuillenLand who becomes Griffon’s first true friend besides his cousin Nuri.  He is a falconer and quite the outdoorsman.  Introduced in Book I, he is Nuri’s first love.

The Norse  folk — Residents of Tyraani that include Norse folk, nymphs, merpeople, and the Deviant ones.

Forests of Firentzia — Land of the ogres, giants, dragons, tree spirits, revenants, and dark trolls.

Grimling — the students’ new tutor who replaced the beloved Morpheo (died in Book I).

Iron Feather — Aidan’s token, a horgrine, created from a black stallion and a falcon.  For more on tokens see Creating Tokens under stories.

scrations — huge, ugly rat-scorpions.  An army of them could devour a giant in seconds.

the Cruwels — cave dwellers in Blencken.  They eat spiders and bats and are not very friendly to intruders.

The Noddies — Adorable little people from Blencken who were named for their funny little head nods as they speak.  For more on the Noddies see under stories.

Pagonites and Outlanders — Residents of regions excluded from the OmniCircle because no one wants anything to do with them.  Pagonites are the personification of evil and the Outlanders are diseased.

Bailey Baggyknickers — leprechaun who is the king’s son.  The king sent Bailey to find his son’s fiance’s voice (the only thing that keeps the kingdom bright and happy) and the wee man finds that Asmodeus has her.

Doginese — the wizard who owns the Pet Emporium in Crone’s Corners.

Witch Hazel — Seamstress who creates all of the wizards’ costumes and robes.  She is dark-haired, a seer, and highly creative.

Asmodeus — The wizard of unequalled evil of the magic world.  He controls the wicked region of Pagon and his robe is the entrance to hell.  It is he who is causing all the problems in the world of magic while torturing those he has sent below.  Griffon knows he must overcome this powerful being to obtain the shields necessary to right all the adversity or die trying.

Nuri’s true love — (name withheld until publication).  A wizard with most unusual powers who is commanding and as different as  Nuri herself.  At first the pair suffers from attraction coupled with reasons they are not interested.   However, these two are fated to be together and nothing will keep them apart.


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