Alphabet of Resolutions

Always be ready to do something novel for you never know when you will discover your next passion.

Bless those you love for everything beautiful comes from their goodness.

Create something new every day for creating is far superior in every way to chaos.

Demand respect from everyone and earn it as well.

Expect more from yourself than you think you can give so you try harder and do more.

Flights of fancy should be undertaken for a little bit every morning.  You never know what smiles you could put on your face with just a little imagination.

Go somewhere new every month.  It does not have to be Europe or South America, it could be a path in a new neighbourhood where you make a new friend but do not forget to give God thanks because you can.  Stagnant people are not happy people.

Help the Homeless and the Heartbroken simply because you would not want to be where they are.

Inspire others to be better too.

Jazz up your life with jokes and laughter for smiles make life worth living.

Kiss as often as you have the opportunity.

Laugh Long and Let your hair down (if you are old, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks).

Make opportunities if there are no obvious ones.

Need only what God thinks you need.

Open your arms . . . give hugs daily.

Practice Praying better and daily.

Question demands. Perhaps they are not necessary after all.

Reach for connections that make you happy and some that you’ve neglected.

Score Success even when it is only the size of a thimble.

Take Time to Thank God for He is the Source of all things.

Understand who you are and spend time with people who like the real you and not the ‘you’ they think you should be.

Value your true friends and family for they are the ones who hold you up when you are falling down or falling apart.

Welcome positive changes and Work your Way through the negative ones.

Push eXtra hard to reach an impossible goal.

Yawn less from boredom . . . do something you’ve never tried before like art or photography or playing an instrument.

Be Zealous in any important endeavor.


One Response to “Alphabet of Resolutions”

  1. Good to see you posting again……………………………..enjoyed the alphabet!!

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