Waeldom to Debbe’s World of Imagination

Please meet the latest characters from my recently completed novel, The Boy Wizard Griffon and his Grand and Glorious Adventures.  I hope you love them as much as I now do.

Griffon Naughctguardian – Dark haired, green eyed precocious six-year-old wizard of Darkrym Manor in WeyVerne.

Hamble Naughctguardian – father of Griffon. Originally from Transylvania, he is a researcher for the alchemists and a member of the Omnicircle of Wizards. Hamble loves books and is mostly a good-hearted and helpful wizard who loves his family more than anything in the world.

Evelyne Naughctguardian – mother of Griffon. From the county of Norwood, she is also a member of the circle and a herbalist by trade. Sadly, she becomes addicted to absinthe and falls prey to the wicked wizard, Baelmal.

Rowena Radu – widowed sister of Hamble and mother to Nuri. She resides in Goth Manor, the Naughctguardian family home in the Romanian Mountains of Transylvania. She is a true gypsy spirit, an aura and card reader, and a practitioner of divination.

Nuri Roshon Radu – (aka Twinkles) red haired, brown-eyed cousin to Griffon who is also the same age.  She loves outrageous clothing, fancy hair fixings, and spectacles that she believes alter her appearance. She has a vivid imagination regarding everything in life. Nuri will eventually become a healer and follow in her mother’s footsteps in Book II, QuillenLand.

Glitter – Pink haired faery who has indentured herself to Hamble.

Elfrin the Ethereal – The 13th Queen of Anyaterra (faeryland) of the House of Erutan. The Furidies have stolen all her emotions, leaving her cold and empty.

Grubbycup the Lesser – Son of Galena (a moon-elf mother) and Woodsend (a Sylvan elf). Grubbycup steals into Hamble’s library each night to borrow books, the love of his life.

Nanny Bee – 94-year-old nanny to Griffon and Marilla. She is becoming mildly senile and is always seeking the fountain of youth.

Master Morpheo – Tutor from Gravesend hired to teach the children. He has horns and folded wings but in spite of his wicked appearance, he is a strong and highly ethical character who believes that morals, discipline, and good magic are the key to raising good wizards.

Cully Hobtail – The Naughctguardian family’s elf-cook whose large girth shows her love of cooking.  She always has a rolling pin handy to protect the family she loves.

Vixen – Griffon’s token or guardian (a draog) created from a tiny white dragon and a very warty green frog. He suffers from chronic indigestion and the hiccups.

Mistress Macabre – Marilla’s token (a bahog) created from a bat and a hedgehog.

Cypher – Mail delivery system of the magical community.

SFB – (Special branch of faeries). Faeries who predicted the arrival of the greatest of all wizards, who would arrive to help their queen.

Mercator – the map making wizard who provides Griffon and Marilla the Mariner’s Compass.

Baelmal – the evil wizard who lives atop a twisted tree/castle in Dunghoulie. Baelmal is the grandson of the wicked witch, Bella, who put a curse on the Wizard of Sorrows.

The Furidies – The cruel, drug-crazed thieving minions of Baelmal who abuse absinthe and steal to maintain their habit.


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